Everywhere you look around Lefkara you will spot little churches with dirt footpaths leading to them. Amongst them, the 11thcentury chapel of Archangel Michael in Kato Lefkara offers the opportunity for a nature walk from Pano Lefkara - with fantastic views all the way down to the bay of Larnaca. A designated nature trail joins Pano Lefkara and Kato Drys via the top of the Sotira hill - commanding breathtaking views of the villages around - all the way to the Bay of Larnaca and Zygi. 

Visit the Garden Kamara museum in Kato Drys and immerse yourself into the culture and traditions of the Lefkara area. Admire exquisite samples of traditional Lefkara embroideries, the owner's actual dowry, displayed in a real life traditional house.  

Agios Minas Convent

A few miles away, past Kato Drys, the nuns in the 15thcentury Saint Minas convent will welcome you. They are famous for icon-painting, and the Byzantine embroideries which they make. They offer their hand-painted icons, their own preserves, herbs and rosewater in their shop.


Past the village of Vavla a left turn will bring you down to the Neolithic site of Choirokitia (circa 7000 BC), a UNESCO world heritage site. A right turn leads up through the picturesque mountain villages of Layia, Ora and Odou to the Pitsilia area.

Take a turn off the Lefkara-Vavatsinia road and treat yourself to a short ride to the Machairas monastery via the Kionia park route. A geologists and naturalists wonderworld afforts impressive scenery and panoramic views of the Mesaoria plains, the Nicosia area, the Pentadaktylos mountains from the Morphou bay to the Larnaca coastline. Undoubtedly one of the most scenic routes in Cyprus.

Machairas Monastery

Stop at the monastery, hidden amist pristine forest and proceed past Lazanias to the restored village of Fikardou. Farmakas, a Pitsilia village near-by, is famous for its produce - especially tomatos and beans. Passing through it in late summer is a joy.

Governors Beach

You do not have to travel far to reach beautiful beaches. From Lefkara along the road to Limassol Governor's Beach - a series of little coves - each with its own restaurant, beach umbrellas and beds, is popular with locals and visitors alike.

Ayios Georgios Alamanos Bearc

You will find a restaurant and a rocky, secluded beach near the monastery of Agios Georgios the Alamanos. This is a windy spot, good to visit on a really hot day.

At the sandy beaches of Agios Tychonas (the tourist area by the archaeological site of Amathus) a sidewalk by the water runs along the beach for miles. An excellent spot to bring the baby stroller, enjoy the beach or take a long walk in the winter.


Lefkara Dam

The back-paved road to Nicosia (not marked on the official maps of Cyprus)  passes through wooded areas by the villages of Delikipos and Kornos and trims nearly 5 kilometers from the distance to the capital.

Along this route, a dirt road leads to the Lefkara Dam, a man-made lake, bounded by pristine countryside.


Permits are required for fishing there. This is an ideal place for a nature walk up the hill. Wild flowers along the path, some unique to the region, burst with colour in early spring. Along this road to Nicosia there are some very interesting rock formations, among them Kourvelos. A trail leads to it from the village.


Just a few kilometers past the turn to Nicosia, the road will bring you to the medieval monastery of Stavrovouni. On a clear day the  views from the top of the hill are fantastic. Nearby, in the viilage of Dali is the ancient site of the Kingdom of Idalion, where excavations are still in progress. All these are no further than 25 km from the village of Lefkara.

Angeloktisti in Kiti

The list of places to visit, within a 50 mile radius of Lefkara is endless and includes the churches of Panayia Angeloktisti in Kiti and Agios Lazaros in Larnaka, the ancient cities of Amathus and Kourion, the birthplace of Aphrodite (- petra tou Romiou), the Castle of Kolossi near Limassol, Troodos and, of course, the old city of Nicosia and its museums.

Malcolm Cats

Animal lovers will enjoy stopping by the Malcolm cat protection centre near Episkopi and the Monastery of the cats, near Cape Gata (cat). Founded by St Helen, it was donated to the nuns, subject to the condition that they keep hundreds of cats in the convent. One of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Cyprus, still undeveloped (Ladies mile), is nearby and can be reached through a dirt road.